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These are few basic questions which we discover common among all new tutors. As each of this questions require detailed explanation and vast points to be covered, we include only about tuition fee calculation analysis during this article. As a fresher, private tutor has got to lookout about numerous factors while calculating the worth of tuition. it’s bit tricky to seek out tuition fee , but if tutor don’t want to urge into this math, can simply call any local tuition agency or tuition service provider, ask about prices and obtain done(most of the tutor do that). But which will not solve your complete problem, as this service provider tell you a standard rate which could not be compatible for everybody . So we propose , do some calculation before fixing your hourly or monthly Tutoring Prices. during this article we include a number of the points to be consider before calculation begin.

Everyone has got to include a number of these factors before beginning to calculate the schooling fee.This factors are current market rate, travelling allowances , time and days to be devoted for tutoring, tutor experience, subjects to be covered, Efforts to place for student etc. We explain each of the think about detail below :-

Current Market Tutoring Prices :-

At the primary attempt to determine current market rate. it’s the primary basic step which not only help tutor to seek out out base rates but also give a thought of what other competitors are charging. For an example, A tuition agency or tutoring company in same area charges 450 rs for an hour and tutor is getting to charge 550 rs per hour than it decreases chances of selection , because other competitors are less expensive . In other hand , if tutor charging 350 rs which is far less than other offers may leads to increase selection, but soon tutor find he’s earning but others for same period of time . So we propose tutor can make fix minimum 400 rs per session to fight for initial competition. it’ll not only make easy to accumulate new students but also save tutor to hamper its pocket.

Travelling allowances :-

This contribute major portion in your tuition fee decision if you’re taking home tuitions. For online tutors this cost is none. It’s a incontrovertible fact that for travelling tutor either use personal mode of transportation like bike else use public transportation. This cost completely depend on distance covered by a teacher . Before deciding fee tutor has got to calculate the space and than determine petrol charges or transportation charges. This basic charges should be added to your fee.

Time and days for tuition:-

The other factor which should be consider is number of hours per day dedicated for particular student. Tutor has got to understand student requirement , is student want hourly classes or monthly classes. If the fee is set on hourly basis than tutor can calculate as a private class but if it’s monthly bases than the entire price go down. as an example , a teacher charge 400 Rs per hour , but student want to require classes on monthly bases, while considering weekend off , the entire days cover by a teacher per month are 22. So considering with hourly rates the entire amount is 8800 Rs per month, which isn’t feasible for folks to pay, so here negotiation inherit account and tutor can give much feasible rate which may around in between 5500/- to 6000/- a month. This sets an honest example to know the monthly rates and hourly rates which is common in India.

4.Subject offered:-

In this list another things we will not forget to debate is subject to be protect tuition. Majority of scholars from school level invite a personal tutor for maths and science, whereas few of them invite all subjects. As number of subjects increases , tutor efforts also increases. the entire pressure of subjects completion before the exam buildup on tutor. So as subject increases, the responsibility and work also increase. Tutor has got to estimate tutoring prices consistent with that. Sometime you’ve got to hide extra classes before an exam to end the syllabus. Tutors Group always suggest its tutor to convey about extra charges to oldsters or calculate charges consistent with that which may added to monthly remuneration.

Extra efforts to place for student:-

At last but not least, tutor should realize their students. We always recommend tutor to require a counselling session of kid before classes begin, this may not only help private tutor to know the weak areas of student but also give opportunity to style customized teaching plans for student. As extra efforts and out of the box methodologies leads to fee hike, because personal tutor has got to put extra efforts for student and it become one specialization add on for tutor which distinguish him with other tutor.
In conclusion we will give basic formula to calculate tutoring prices , which is

Tuition fee = Travelling allowances +efforts + time consumption

To help tutor further , we included basic tutoring prices chart which depends on grade , city type and duration.These all rates are based monthly and hourly bases so tutor has got to decide by his own. This rates can vary city to city , we are giving a thought on the idea of our research. you’ll put your efforts to seek out rates further

Grades City type Duration (hourly) Duration(monthly)
Class 1st to 5th Tier 1 200-300 Rs 3000-4500 Rs
Class 6th to 8th Tier 1 400-550 Rs 5000-7000 Rs
Class 9th & 10th Tier 1 500-650 Rs 6000-8000 Rs
Class 11th & 12th Tier 1 600- 800 Rs 3500-5000 Rs per subject
Competition Exam
(IIT -JEE etc)

Tier 1 800 – 1100 Rs –
(B.Tech etc)

Tier 1 450 – 750 Rs 12000 per subject per syllabus

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