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A/c Name : Tutors Group
A/c No.     : 50200063307648
IFSC code : HDFC0000723
Branch      :  AMINABAD                                           LUCKNOW
                                                                                            UPI Id       : tutorsgroup.62274882@hdfcbank

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Please Read Carefully)

  1. For availing services of Tutors Group, the Candidate/Tutor is required to go through a registration process in online/offline mode. The Candidate/Tutor is required to pay a Registration amount of Rs. 1000/- which can be paid either in cash or in banking mode.
  2. Once the candidate gets registered with the Tutors Group, the Tutors Group will provide leads for tuitions. Once the tutor joins any tuition, he is required to pay 50% of the 1st month’s fee received by him within 7 days of joining.
  3. The registration of the Candidate/ Tutor will be valid for 6 months or 5 settled tuitions. To further avail the services of Tutors Group, the Candidate/ Tutor has to go through the renewal process.
  4. Tutors Group does not give any surety for the settlement of any tuition or number of tuitions. Settlement of any tuition depends on the output of meeting of the Tutor with the Student/ Parents/Guardian.
  5. Tutors Group does not take any responsibility for the behavior of Guardians/ Parents or students. It is the sole responsibility of the Candidate/ Tutor to go through any query or verification necessary for them.
  6. If any Candidate / Tutor do not pay the 50% of the 1st month fee received by them within the given time, his/ her registration will be cancelled and the Candidate cannot avail any service of the Tutors Group. To further avail the services, the candidate has to get Re-register with the Tutors group and has to pay any previous pending amount. Although, the time period to pay the 50% of the 1st month fee can be extended further as per the sole decision of the organization.
  7. Any dispute regarding Tutors Group will be subject to Lucknow Jurisdiction only.