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The year 2020 is the year of the corona pandemic which affects the multiple sectors very badly. This is the era where a new disease called COVID-19 spread over the world very rapidly. This disease causes the effect on the various Industries or sectors the effect on certain sectors is positive whereas in certain sectors it is very negative. I am talking today about the industry called the education industry. The education industry consists of two types of pillars which forms industry:-

1. Who is the consumer of the sector 

2. Secondly, those who govern the industry 

Now talking about the impact is very severe on both of the elements. Due to this outbreak of the disease education sector had to change its form from the offline mode of the education sector is moving towards the online mode. It is also true that a country like India is not well prepared for this change because India does not have a good Information Technology infrastructure. So moving to online education becomes a tedious task as more than 60% population still lives in the villages. These villages do not have enough IT support. Another great challenge for India to adopt the online mode of training is its literacy level. Now talking about the consumers of this industry they can be classified into two types:-

  1. Tutors
  2. Students

Let’s talk about the tutors first, in the traditional time the tutoring job is done in an offline manner. Presently this type of operation is not possible due to the lockdown situation prevailing in the country. Previously there is a various agency that provides coaching or provides personal private tutors. Present time these agencies are working in the direction to provide tutors space to outcast their skills irrespective of demographics divisions. These agencies give the platform to the tutors to join with a wide range of students across the country or even outside the countries. The online education can also be provided in two ways:

  1. Providing mass education online: This can be done by creating the pool of students and then starting the online delivery to the students at the common time. This method is similar to providing coaching in the coaching center. Online tutoring is much better than offline tutoring due to the following reasons:
  • Traveling time gets reduced.
  • Cost involves in traveling also get reduced
  • Convenience of time
  • Demographics barrier was removed

For joining the online education, these agencies have their portal and students need to register, and then they have to fill-up the form. After filling the form a batch is created at a suitable time for each of the students. This also benefits the student to have the demo of the instructors and can get the best trainer across the country or aboard.

The COVID19 gives these benefits to the student but the main decision needs to be taken by the students itself. This type of facility helps the student to repeat the class number of times as it has been recorded during the time of its delivery. The cost of online tuition is relatively cheap when compared to the offline mode of training. Students need not visit a different location in search of getting the best coaching of a different subject. All information or subject can be delivered at a single point in time. This reduces the traveling time and students can more emphasis on its study rather than wasting time in traveling. It is also beneficial as the student can learn the topic or subject from its home place in its own comfort. There is a certain limitation of this type of training are as follows:

  • Infrastructure: Student needs to create the IT infrastructure at his/her home in order to pursue this type of training. But as the cost of IT infrastructure is continuously decreasing so it is not a big problem and in the coming year, we need to be switching in the online mode and it becomes the necessity. 
  • Connectivity: This is a real issue that hampers the growth of online tutoring services as most of the Indian population still lives in the village where the internet availability is still very low. 

These all the small hurdles because as time progresses India is strengthen its IT infrastructure and literacy level is also increasing drastically. And now the complexity is also reducing so everyone can use it without feeling any difficulty. 

Online tutoring also helps the student to learn from the best brain across the demographic terrain.

These are some of my personnel observations. So, guys, we will meet shortly describing how a tutor can apply for the online tutoring job. Till then take care. During this time don’t stop the flow of your learning. These types of pandemics occur every 100 years. So it is a humble request to follow the instruction given by the government.

Stay Home, Stay Safe,

Signing off.

Dr. Ashish Avasthi


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