Pre-Primary as well as Primary Teacher


A Pre-Primary, as well as Primary teacher with a teaching experience of 10 years, always wants to be associated with the teaching profession. As I enjoy being with children and want the children to be well-deserving human beings of tomorrow.

I started my career working with tutorial bureaus, taking home tuition for students of class pre-nursery to class 5. The teaching of all subjects including art and craft activities. Moving on, I got the opportunity to work with well-known play schools in Noida like Shemrock, Maple Bear, and also Ravi’s Noddy Play School.

About Me

I have the experience to teach under-privileged students in Vishwa Bharti Shiksha Kendra. Which made me understand the importance of education. And the urge of learning in today’s generation no matter what class they belong to. So I can teach both as a Pre-Primary as well as Primary teacher in a better way because I have teaching experience of many years.

Further on, I have worked with renowned schools like Pathways International School for 2 months and Ramagya School for 1 year. In both schools, I was also appointed as an assistant teacher. I have also the experience of teaching classroom setups of a strength of 25-30 students. Working with these renowned institutions taught me to recognize the ability of children of all IQ levels. As all levels require different strategies to deal with them. This helps them boost up their confidence. And also become self-reliant in the future.

It also helped me to confidently communicate with parents regarding their child’s growth and also well-being. I have also the opportunity and experience of preparing worksheets related to basic learning. And also the knowledge required for students in their initial stages of learning. Which is required to groom them up with pre-primary as well as the primary teacher. Worksheets related to shapes, colors, alphabets, general knowledge, environmental studies also need to be prepared in an attractive format for children to not only learn but also enjoy what they are doing.


Other activities like storyline creation, recitation, art, and also craft are equally important. In all, I have a great passion for teaching as well as enjoy being with children. This is why I chose to be in this profession. But at the same time, it is equally important to maintain a lovable, patient, and also the playful attitude with young children.

In today’s world Internet teaching is a very important mode of teaching required today. This makes children understand and learn through an interesting mode of learning. All this is done with a single device covering all types of learning and also all subjects. This innovation in the field of education will surely increase the enthusiasm for learning in children. So, if you require a pre-primary tutor as well as a primary tutor, you can visit us.

Experience: 10 Years

Subject Details: All Subjects Of Pre-Primary as well as Primary

Classes: Pre-Primary as well as Primary


Medium: English and Hindi

 ✅Pre-Primary as well as Primary

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