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Tutors Group gives online JQuery training and One-to-One J-Query -Training in Lucknow. Here are the significant points we spread under this JQuery course Syllabus Background, HTML5 rudiments, The system, The page, UI Components, Buttons, Lists, Forms, The structure, and JavaScript, Dynamic information with JQuery Mobile, Extending the structure, Managing information with HTML5. Each subject will be shrouded in a generally functional manner with models.

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JQuery Training Syllabus 

 The Background 


• The versatile space today

• Advantages

• Challenges

• Native versus web, is an inquiry?

• What is JQM?

• What isn’t jQM?

• What is a web app?

• Why jQM?

• Features

• Compatibility

• Requirements

HTML5 rudiments 

• HTML5 in a little nutshell

• Why HTML5?

• What do we have to think about HTML5 for jQM

• Basic layout

• Testing HTML5 records

• Emulators, Simulators, and more

• Viewports on portable programs

• Custom information * credits

The structure 

• Architecture

• Self-facilitated versus CDNs

• Main layout

• CDNs accessible

• Main layout

• Support on IDEs

• Roles

• Theming

The page 

• Headers and footers essentials

• Mandatory things in a page

• Working with HTML in the substance

• Navigation

• Internal page route

• External page route

• Understanding AJAX on portable programs

• Absolute outside connections

• Mobile Special connections

• Transitions

• Dialogs

• Prefetching

• Integration with the Phone


UI Components 


• Customizing toolbars

• Positioning toolbars

• Navigation Bars

• Persistent footers and route

• Collapsible substance

• Accordions

• Working with sections


• Creating catches

• Inline catches

• Grouped catches

• Icons

• Custom symbols


• Creating records

• Full-page versus inset-records

• Visual separators

• Nested records

• Interactive lines

• Split button lines

• Row symbols

• Thumbnails

• Count bubbles

• Aside content

• Title and Description

• Filtering information



 • AJAX versus non-AJAX structures

• Automatic structure conduct

• Labeling

• Field compartments

• Text fields

• Slider

• Slider switch

• Select menus

• UI Select menus

• Radio Buttons

• Checkboxes

• File Upload

• Validation utilizing HTML5

The structure and JavaScript 

• Using jQuery inside jQuery Mobile

• $.mobile component

• The mobile unit occasion

• Configuring defaults

• Touch occasions

• Orientation occasions

• Scroll occasions

• Page occasions

• Virtual mouse occasions

• Managing route through JavaScript

Dynamic information with jQuery Mobile 

• HTML5 versus AJAX

• Bringing JSON information to jQuery Mobile

• Updating structure controls

• Updating records

• Implementing Infinite rundown design

Expanding the structure

• Using modules

• The top 5 modules for jQuery Mobile

• Creating our module

• Plugin design

• Understanding CSS design

• Define our own CSS fix

• Changing CSS conduct


Overseeing information with HTML5 

• Using Web Storage and WebSQL

• Using geolocation

Bundling for establishment and stores 

• The disconnected show

• Full-screen web apps for iOS

• What is a crossover

• PhoneGap versus different other options

• Packaging an example application

Our JQuery Trainers 

• More than 10 Years of involvement with JQuery Technologies

• Has took a shot at numerous realtime JQuery ventures

• Trained 2000+ Students up until this point

• Strong Theoretical and Practical Knowledge

• Certified Professionals

About JQuery Training 

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