happy mother's day

God cannot be everywhere, so He created the mother. There is a mother who examines her children’s faces and examines their problems. After so long, the lockdown led to the opportunity to spend time with the mother.

Mother only has the hope of living life and the courage to fight with vigor under all circumstances.

Mother is the one who teaches us to hold a finger, explains every right wrong, scolds, and scares us when we make a mistake but never leaves our hands. Although every day is a day to honor the mother, this Mother’s Day coming in May makes every mother feel special.

Mother is a feeling towards which emotions can only be felt, and no words can be taken down.Mother is a word that is always remembered. Whether it is a child, a young man, or an older person, when someone is in trouble, they miss the mother. I am also the one in this episode. When I have problems, I miss my mother. As if I existed from mother only.

All of you, like Mother’s Day, give your mother a lot of joy, affection, and respect every day so that like a tree we always get their shade, because the mother in the form of God, who is revered.


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