maths classesIn the 12th standard, a student is busy preparing for the upcoming board exams. You can self-study during the last couple of months or join crash courses before board exams as you would just need to revise and practice whatever is already learned… This would save time and also help in proper learning.

class 12th board exam is the next milestone in the journey of education. In comparison with class 10th, the degree of complexity in class 12th is higher. Results of class 12th board exams are usually announced in May or June depending upon the board. Apart from board preparations, students also prepare for competitive exams in their respective electives, for example, engineering aspirants go for the annual engineering entrance exam (like JEE), medical aspirants prepare for NEET to be future doctors and commerce students go for CPT or CS.Students of class XII are expected to handle the dual pressure of both board and competitive exams.

An excellent performance in class 10 boards will give you motivational push to maintain the same level of success in the future as well the sense of achievement on scoring well in your board exams will overshadow your performance in school’s internal exams.

But for all these things, it is most important that your concept should be clear about all the subjects because when your whole concept is clear, only then you can bring good marks in the board exam. But it would be important to join our tuition so that all our concepts are clear in school.

Is the tuition required for a student?

 Valuations provide proper guidance and a systematic approach to deal with a difficult topic. Sometimes it takes much of a student precious time to properly understand a topic, which can be learned intuitions more easily.
 Sometimes, in a class of more than 40 students, a student does not get a chance to clear his/her doubts in school. At tuitions, the doubts are cleared easily and students are benefitted.
 In a tuition class a student repeats whatever was taught in school and this helps a concept to be ingrained in the brain more easily.
 Practice makes one perfect. A student gets another chance to practice intuition. This helps a student to score higher.

But will we get good Tutors?

There is only one solution (ONLINE CLASSES FOR CLASS 12) to your problem, is Tutors Group. Tutors The group is the best platform that will help your child to get tuition from good and very knowledgeable Tutors. Tutors Group Provides Online and Offline ( home tuitions) according to your requirement.

First of all, you have to be registered with us with some documents. After this, we provide the teachers, the subject for which you require the teachers. After that, the teachers give a demo class if you are satisfied with their class, then only they can teach tuition to the child and if you do not like their class, then we provide you with other teachers according to your recruitment.

If you have an interest in our service, you can fill up the above form.

You can also call us – 72390 55550, 89330 88880.


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