Students usually take a back step from studies once they are through with Class 10th. After all of the pressure of the much-hyped board exams of class 10th and on the way to the 12th boards, 11th grade may seem like a welcome change for you. But the difficulty level of class 11th will dawn upon you sooner or later. 11th is very different in terms of the course content as compared to what you have studied till the 10th. The difficulty level is higher if you have chosen the science stream as now it is no more general science. 11th grade will teach you concepts of fundamental physics, chemistry, biology, math, etc. And one moment lost could lead to weak basics for the future. 


         Class 11 and 12 are crucial years in the life of a student. However, with the newly found freedom that comes with joining a senior school, one tends to ignore their studies for a bit and enjoy life. Many students tend not to take Class 11 seriously until it is late. While enjoying life is essential to staying happy and healthy, there should be a balance between studies and entertainment as these years will decide how your future will be.

       Students aspiring to become engineers and doctors cannot afford not to take Class 11 seriously. The Class 11 syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology are included in modern engineering and medical entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, NEET, and AIIMS. To crack these highly competitive exams, one must take CBSE class 11 preparation seriously.

  But for all these things, your concept must be clear about all the subjects because when your whole concept is clear, you can only bring good marks in the exam. But it would be essential to join our tuition so that all our ideas are evident in school.

 What is the benefit of joining tuition in class 11?

  • Make learning enjoyable. It is a significant advantage that children can gain from tuition classes.
  • Simplify learning. Students have a simpler time learning in the future when they take tuition classes early on. 
  • Better grades over time. 
  • Increase self-confidence.

Who will reach us to the excellent tutors?

      The Tutors Group is always there to help you. The Tutor Group will take you to the best Tutors. Tutors Group is the best platform that will help your child to get tuition from excellent and very knowledgeable Tutors. Tutors Group Provides Online and Offline (home tuitions) according to your requirement.


          First of all, you have to register with us with some documents. After this, we provide the teachers, the subject for which you require the teachers. After that, the teachers give a demo class if you are satisfied with their course, then only they can teach tuition to the child, and if you do not like their course, then we provide you with other teachers according to your recruitment.

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